quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010


Integrated mods:

• BGA by Head Shot (Planet-LS)
• Weed by Head Shot Mod (planet-LS)
• Renewable grass from Claas Mod (LS-Modsource)
• Mapfruittrigger by Head Shot (Planet-LS)
• Functioning crossing of Sven777b
• Multisiloscript of LS-UK
• Contains script to Multisilo, sellsilo (Agrofert) and TipAnywhere mod by Maca and Defender from the Czech LS Team.


• Newly arranged glass containers & bottles (the gamers)
• Long periods of growth
• New Mapicons for BGA and Raiffeisen (script by Sven777b)
• Functioning AI traffic
• New PDA Map
• New FruchtHUDs (in addition to the previously published)
• All new buildings / trees / roads to use to further
• and more ...

A big thank you to ...

... Sven for his help despite his everyday work stress
... Geri, for his almost daily question: \"Have you checked the mask?\"
... Desch, MF390 & Blackfox for their buildings / objects
... Pseudo-farmer who has traveled and the entire night on Saturday with me on the map
... The private user who always wanted to have more of the map and have been so pressured to release
... The PN bullies with: \"When is it released?\"
... Ls modsource for the great team!

Link Megaupload !


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